Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Steak Frites Chez Le Progres

So -I will understand if you think I will be a balloon when I get back! We had lacked some protein so lapped up the perfect steak frites at Le Progres.  The steak had the best grilled charcol thing going on. The salade aux tomates - the perfect vinigrette. Les frites - the holy grail of light, but crisp, and tasting of real potatoes. 
Le Progres is a very taditional looking bar/cafe in the Marais that apparently lots of French actors visit. We saw none that we recognised, but saw some very cool people and experienced the best service where the waiter was happy to entertain my french and then started waxing lyrical in French about how 'delicious' Jodi was.   Ahh Paris!

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