Sunday, July 4, 2010

A good basin at Magnolia Brewery - the Haight

So the 'washroom' has always been fascinating - and the famous Magnolia showed us this exceptional one. We also fell in love with the fried green tomato sandwich, devils on horse back with chevre, Al's fried chicken sandwich with bac-on coleslaw, plus some exceptionally brewed on-site beers.  The experience had us relaxing in the Haight - which wasn't as 'trippy' as I had expected, until we entered the Golden Gate many hippies with recorders and dope propositions - I giggled my way through. Alistair almost cried.  One of the funniest hours for me ever (and terrifying for Al), until we found the de Young Museum - and we were in the sanctury of a very beautiful buliding by the guys who did the Birdsnest.

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