Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dreams Do Come True

I have been keeping it a secret...but can't help but externalise what has to be the best birthday present ever.  Gifted from a like-minded after-hours sifter ("to be worn only in the home" were the instructions), I was gifted a matching navy blue Juicy Couture tracksuit....complete with monogram, double hood, XL and only just fits (Hong Kong sizing).  It is like my very own soft toy suit - grips the physique - making me look very J-Lo or Madonna in the 90s.  I can't tell you how good couch times are with this new addition.

Summer (from the backyard)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Lunch

A fine day coupled with a beautiful feast for two...
Falling Waters to start - with Pacific Oysters...
 Salmon Capparccio with herbs and tomato,
 Some pea podding in preparation for the main course...
 And sauteed courgettes from our garden..
 to create a compliment a fresh, good square main meal for Christmas, all centered around a leg of lamb,  (with new potatoes and mint sauce of course).

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Notre Chou-fleur

Meet Al's first home grown cabbage. What a tight wee number. Perfectly round, and really sweet.
We chopped her up into coleslaw with roast chicken and new potatoes.  Living is la la la!

Watch Out Shirts....

Look what I got for my birthday. Its a Brabantia ironing board to assist in my ongoing obessession of ironing.  I no longer need to wrestle with a midget, wonky and wobbly board.  I now 'surf' over shirts, press corners like you wouldn't believe and generally feel like I am playing 'god' as I stand behind my new Dutch ironing deck!  Its even neutral in colour.  Thanks Al! xx

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sherbet and "beado"

Cycling home today (think, leafy ChCh streets, warm sunshine, and my mind relaxing on a Friday), I came across these 4 proud cuties flagging me down with their poster - fundraising for the Pike River victims' families.   For just $2 I am now home with home-made sherbet and a strange 'beado' bumble bee.  Beados are apparently a set of beads that interlock to make a pattern. Its a totally rad new concept for me.  The 'beado' bumblebee is too ugly to document. But the four below are not. They insisted on having their cat in the photo too. Got to love those smiles!