Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Year, Marked

I don't really want to post on the one year anniversary. It was a media crazed week. But I think it is important to show 'where we are up to' here in Christchurch, one year on - just for the record.  
 Outside the Red Zone, facing Hagley Park, one of the four Viagra Towers is already down - the demolition was explicit and merciless! It attracted huge crowds and showed people's belongings being clawed out.  Seemed like another 'up yours' to humans and their need for things.
 Inside the RedZone. Looking to McKenzie and Wills from Alice in Videoland building.
'Getting rid' (bit harsh but kind of true) of the rest of High St (C1 down) and Poplar Lane
 This is the last building standing on that side of High Street.  We used to live to the right of it. 
 The Excellsior facade still stands! Bit like a Roman Amphitheatre!
This is how they keep it up.  Not sure why this one has been chosen to save - it has had a lucky break.
And still in the Red Zone, I walked through the tragic Victoria Square.  Tragic - in that the lanterns from the festival that had just happened there a year ago are STILL hanging from the tree. Tragic-  that the state of play for the Town Hall is still unknown. Tragic that this is where we were married - Boaters Restaurant. It now hangs literally from the main Town Hall building over the river. 
And back to outside the Red Zone and a little bit of cheer. We had a great day last weekend with Ribs, Riesling and Rubble - getting some people together in the many spaces that yearn for activity.  
This spot will soon be a super dope bar.  Its getting some good attention! 
To close! The back of the Odeon theatre (in the Red Zone).  Whilst this is just another example of a cleared site where you can't remember what used to be there, it shows how beautiful some of the buildings are when seen for the first time from a new angle. 

Malaysia - Truly Asia

We are going on holiday soon. So we prepped at Malaysia Delight tonight.  Recommend the Nasi Goreng shown here, roti and gravy and Beef Rendang.  Great benchmarking...