Friday, July 23, 2010

Mira Miro Festival

The Mira Miro Festival is the Street Theatre part of the larger Ghent Festival. It takes place about 2 km from the old town - around a housing estate and kids playground!  Whilst the pitches are pretty small, there are loads of people turning out (with their children)!  All having a beer or two.  Everyone is always drinking - but no apparent drunkedness.  Amazing.
We have seen a few great acts - but some of them haven't been able to perform due to technical hitches - its all a bit of shambles which is disappointing.  Makes you realise how oganised the World Buskers Festival is!  Sometimes you have to come across the world to see what they say is the best, to realise we are on track!

These Clowns from Chile stoel the show (and city of Ghent)! - taking over a major thoroughfare on a bridge - they 'play with traffic' and create the most insane traffic jams, road rage and laughter.  Its hard to capture but you may get a little bit of it here.....

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