Friday, January 28, 2011

Stop off At C1

Stopped off for some sustenance at C1, High St today, and tasted some of the new OK nectar range.  We've got Mango to the left, Berry, Feijoa and Guava.  Amazing.  Pure nectar - like 5+ a day in one hit. Guava my favourite in taste and colour. 

And then Sam thought we should do some Peter Timms snarler tasting, so we had a tasting plate presented - including the classic porc, the award winning chicken, manago and chilli, the scillian, breakfast sausage and another one I couldnt' recognise. Good move for the city's best cafe to be using the city's best butcher's sausages!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our new World Buskers Festival venue

The World Buskers Festival in Christchurch is now well and truly rolling.  After 4 days, the artists have found 'the line' with the crowds, are pulling the record numbers into the central city and are making em laugh! This is our new venue - where we host Nothing But Stand Up and Buskers Burlesque (funniest show to date). There is a really nice bar along side it too that you can't see. The Square finally looks warm, inviting and safe!  Laugh on ChCh! You deserve to get the laughter out!  And we have 7 more days to go!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Travelling Sunglass Sale

 Randolph Engineering Sunglasses.  Worn by the US Military since 1982 these aviation style glasses have appeared on many US blogs of late, connected to that US-Made industry trend that is going on.  Looking for some low key, but quality glasses, I looked them up and woah and behold,  the Asia Pacific distributor is based in Christchurch!  I emailed her - and she was only too happy to meet outside my work for a 'show and tell'.
Within a travelling briefcase, Kelly presented a full selection of sizes, lens colour, frame I could try (before I buy) and customise what I was after.
What a great service.  Kelly came to me. The glasses themselves are not overpriced branded sunglasses, they are hand made, and I get to pay by direct debit when she drops my customised choice of sunglass to my house!  This is shopping. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ron Mueck - Take 2

With the Ron Mueck exhibition breaking all records at the Christchurch Art Gallery (the gallery is so hot right now), I visited the quickly closing exhibition for the second time.  It is so worth going again...

The giant baby still overwhelms me...

 Youth - still my favourite. So elegant and young.
 This is Wild Man's elbow.  I feel like I am getting to know him.
 Nice limbs/extremities above and below...

And this is a "chicken's bum" (My Dad said his father used to say "uptight women have faces like chickens' bums").  Great seeing this exhibition with others.  Hilarious even.

Sunday Dad Beers

Met Dad for a beer and pizza at lunch today at the Dux de Lux before heading to the Art Gallery. Good Dad times.