Saturday, December 29, 2012

Explanation #1 of where I've been in 2012...

This is what I concentrated on for most of 2012 - and why I've been awol for some time.  Its good to be at the end of a year that can be summarised in one word: grind.

This is where I was for most of August - October (and planning for throughout the year).

NZ IceFest

It was fun - but busy.

More explanations to come...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christchurch Chinese

OK. So I was introduced to 'proper' Chinese eating the other night with a friend and his gorgeous Chinese wife.  She ordered conservatively for us at Daphnes (apparently the best for dinner).   We picked from each dish communally with chop sticks, I handled the 'hot dish' and it was sloshed down with copious amounts of green tea.  The whole deep fried Akaroa Cod was fresh and amazing.  Just thought I'd document it as I have never eaten Chinese with hosts who 'know what they are doing'.  Shame when there seem to be so many good Chinese restaurants in Christchurch's suburbs. Apparently North and South is best for Yum Cha, Daphnes for dinner.  Get amongst.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pig Raising - The Introduction

I am part of a piglet consortium. Four families, four pigs. No names.  We have purpose....
...which does stop me looking into their eyes for too long!
 They have the cutest little house, play pen and 'estate grounds'..
..set amongst a very picturesque Waipara Valley vineyard.

Come Christmas, I'll update you on the next step....on 'the road to prusciuotto'. Until then - grow little weaners!

Sound and Light

We attended Lawrence Arabia's launch concert for his new album the other night. It was held at St Michael's Church, one of the very few heritage buildings left in the city.  Although the venue smacked a little of school, the sound and light was spectacular and unforgettable. So was being in a wooden venue - generous with its acoustics and so safe - creaking only with the full house of hipsters sitting and standing.  James Milne and is band were hugely generous - a very assuring night out!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Honky Tonk

There is a place in Christchurch called NG that sits alone on the double lane one way 'Madras'. It didn't used to be a standalone buiding.  It has kept us slightly sane here in Otautahi -  thankfully offering a temporary space for the Christchurch Art Gallery (as well as a permanent space for The National and NG Boutique).  And right here, right now, it is home to Michael Parakowhai's phenomenal post Venice Biennale show: On First Looking at Chapman's Homer.
I poppped up there this evening at 10 to 5.... to see some extra special light shining through his beautifully carved Steinway... 
 its keys all lined up....
extreme detail of his story telling.....
guts and all...

bronze cast olive trees...

..and - oh look. Thats me on the piano (my - what posture)!
The window through to the Red Zone, and my favourite part of his work of art...
...the bulls. I could look at those bulls forever, and will do for the next month.

This, in its first showing in NZ, has brought lightness, beauty and warmth to the city.  And the city seems 'crazy perfect' as its gallery - so right in our topsy turvy state!