Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More 'Modern' Dining in Paris

It was cool to go somewhere 'modern' to eat in Paris - I've never done that before. We foud this place near the Eiffel Tower - lots of after work drinkers and eaters.  In the foreground - it was like a crab terrine, neatly packed on top of finely chopped romaine lettuce hearts - so you got the most delicious spoonful of taste - and crispness.  The carrot veloute in the background. 

For the main - Wood pigeon hot pot - (finally I get to try one legally)!  Perfect roast potatoes, fresh summer greens and a semi dried tomato and olive garnished reduction that had some sort of rich sweet vinegar/wine thing happening.  Couldn't work it out. The woodpigeon had a liver texture and flavour - but a rich sweet fruit taste too.  As if the pigeon had been eating berries - which must be the case if the Kereru is anything to go by!  Enjoyed with a cold glass of red wine. 

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