Monday, July 25, 2011

Last Stop - Victoria B.C.

For a first time festival, Victoria had it going on! 

 A nice pitch in front of the Empress Hotel...
 Where we found ourselves having the best high tea eva!
 Royal Dulton China made especially for the Empress Hotel...and nice wooden tables.
 Sweets (Cheesecake set in white chocolate case was my preferred)
 Traditional scones - brilliant!
 The savoury plate included cucumber and horseradish sandwiches, lightly curried chicken sandwiches, an expert salmon pin wheel and a porc terrine.  It was all sublime.  All extra fresh.
 The Parliament buildings in the background of the pretty town on Vancouver Island...
 Aurora Borelis - (camera didn't pick up the faint prism colours coming through). Not usually seen this 'far south' it was a treat. Reminded me of the light in Antarctica.
Victoria is the city of killer whale!
 And it claims it is the most English of Cities outside England. This Royalist was in heaven at this breakfast and tea store.
 Royals everywhere...
And then some sanity looking out to America at the Olympic Mountains.... No where in this country are you far from looking at mountains - be they American or Canadian. 

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