Thursday, July 28, 2011

The America of Old Wins Every Time.

This hamburger spot on the highway heading south of Seattle almost brought me to tears. It has happened once before - in Passadena, where the burgers are so old school, so cooked with care, and so little, (and fatty) and complete.  Its the Pick Quick Burger Stop, (since 1949, and fortunately it doesn't look like anything has changed)!
The post to the right has a USA flag on it.  And check out the people at 12pm on a Thursday!

The small box of a kitchen is wo-manned by at least 7 women fliipping da burgers...
 And here is the double cheese, with a fresh strawberry shake on the side (as it is strawberry season and all you know)!  We ate in an immaculate picnic lawn with impatients flowers and the most manicured lawn you've ever seen.
Junk food perfection.

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