Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hanging with the Redwoods and the 'Coasties'...

En route for Portland, we drove through the 'Avenue of the Giants' which was impressive!  Amazing how the great redwoods appear to be so well protected (it seemed philanthropists like Rockerfellar plus the odd 'womans' group gave money to keep the forests going at the turn of the century).  And they protected miles and miles and miles of much green, so many campsites, and reserves.  This country has an immense respect for the great outdoors.
That day (I'm about 3 days behind) we arrived at 'Gold Beach' (we were at the PNF - Point of No Further) so stopped here: think Ashburton with a beach.  Our abode was a motel on the shore, complete with a 'Pop' vending machine, lazy boys in the room, dial phone, and the sweet sound of lapping waves heard whilst sleeping with the balcony door open.  Still a cool air but nice to be by the beach! 

  The highlight at Gold Beach was grabbing a 'briskit' sandwich and some ribs at Smoke Daddy's - who was in a car park in front of a school grid iron tournament.  Unfortunately Smoke Daddy was out of the 'chocolate covered bacon' which was disappointing. (What the F___)?  Really popular!
Despite missing out on the bac-on, watching the pheonomenally confusing game of grid iron with the ribs, was a good way to spend our evening at Gold Beach.

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