Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Ace Hotel - Portland

Here's a look at the Ace Hotel in Portland - well, mainly our room.  It was as great as everyone said:  great value, simplicity everwhere, the best european breakfast on offer anywhere (including Europe I reckon!), Stumpdown Coffee in the foyer, the city's best restaurant next door, and NYC style delicatesson on the other side.  And it just spoke 'cool' like no other place I've ever stayed.  But no pretension. Nice recipe!
 Heaps of their signs were embroided like this on in the elevator. Even the room evacuations signs are in cloth.
 The room mini bars were spot on: lots of nice and local old school choices - and most things from Oregon.
 The bathroom.
 Our room. No two rooms are the same. Ours had an old dictionary pasted and varnished as wall paper.  We don't think their fit out was hugely expensive. Just clever. And it may have taken some time to collect all the individual 'props' like those suitcases as side table.
Customised Pendleton wool blankets from Oregon of course!  They had a great army canvas thing going on throughout the hotel.  Some great custom furnishings.
 Detail everywhere. These cut outs are on the bannister at each landing. We were Level 3.  2 1/2 was just a landing on the way to 3.  (they still felt the need to sign that).
All in all - the greatest place to have a holiday. Quiet, situated opposite an amazing cinema that had huge individual sofas and chairs, and you could bring your meal in.  Interesting shopping close by - but it wasn't 'down town', bikes to take out...very relaxing to be holidaying without heaps of tourist things to do, in a very livebale city.  Go there.

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  1. Custom Pendleton wool blanket from the state of Oregon, of course! They had a large army cloth thing is happening all over the hotel. Some great custom furniture.

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