Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Perhaps it really is the Greatest Show on Earth...?

Calgary Stampede - and its tag line: The Greatest Show on Earth.  Think a cleaner, less dustier and really well produced A & P Show.  With a lot more cowboy hats!  It was truly a great great show.

 All the rides, candy floss, 'pizza on a stick', BBQ on a bun, caramel apples you can shake a stick at...
Women 'barrel racing'
 Rodeo Bull Riding, where the bull gets a belt buckle too if he manages to kick the rider 'off' within 8 seconds.
And the most sensational and unique of all....chuck wagon racing...old timers going crazy with their horses and cart. 

 The Cattle Penning above (split a heard and get 3 nominated steers into a pen) was addictive to watch (bit like dog trials).
Some good buts were on show.
And then the people watching topped everything off.  Check out the peanut shells there!  All the cliches came ture.  The stampede is somwhere to show off your best boots, hats, and hang out with some very loud country music.  This music 'shed' was full to the brim from 11am to past midnight.

Here is a bit of classic Stampede action going on.  The scene was so delightful - Cowgirls chatting up Cowboys.   The best trend for the 'skinny' cowgirls is to wear the shortest shorts possible, with cowboy boots, and the hat...plus a bit of spray tan and often a 'clutch' under the arm.   Giddy Up.

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