Monday, July 4, 2011

Ok - so we are almost at Portland...

To justify the irratic bloggin - I've come up with this rationale: my blog coverage is designed to build anticipation of our ultimate destination, Portland.  Our coastal Oregon journey was a bit like this slow, slightly irregular, 'well executed' in parts blogging.   We were inspired in parts on our coastal journey - but knew we hadn't quite hit our thing yet (even though we of course didn't know what that was yet)!  However, our third day on the road was the most beautiful and unaffected by far. From Gold Beach to Portland there are more beach like villages, less strip towns, and more nature.  Stay at Yachtas if you are doing this drive.  In summary lots of coastline, goodness and oregon forrest (green as green, with smaller Douglas Fir trees rather than the towering redwoods).

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