Monday, February 14, 2011

Antarctica - Part 1

So, it appears in my haste, the previous post (written at Scott Base) gave a slightly underwhelmed feeling.  For someone who is mega excited or overwhelmed about most things, finding a strong sense of ease and belonging in a place is a fine thing.  Not disappointing at all! It was pleasant surprise after such anticipation. And now I am home, and I am overwhelmed by not being there!  I welled up leaving yesterday. Crazy.  Here are some shots to get you in the mood. Hard to think I was there for the weekend eh? 
 First bergs from the plane (approaching Antarctica on Saturday)
 First appreciation from plane of the ocean freezing...
 Me with NZ's hot new 757 which will take over from the hercs to take US and NZ Antarctic Program personnel down from now on.
 You know...just driving from the airport to Scott Base, and came across this guy (that hair do is made up of his baby feathers) - its moulting time!
 Proud of the 'NZ claim'! Such global dominance!
 Just hanging with a Hagland..
 Midnight sun...
Checking out the US' amazing balloon project late at night...
 Scott Base to McMurdo Station 'Coastal walk'
 Romantic Sunset...
 Scott Base from the Pressure Ridges (formed from where the Sea Ice hits the Ross Ice Shelf)
 After dinner walk to meet the 'blobs' that sit in the view from Scott Base...(so friendly and cute close up)
A mirage...the light played tricks on our eyes and this landscape kept changing throughout the night!
 Pancake Ice (The sea freezing..)
And of course some good natural product shot sets...


  1. hi
    am doing a book on antarctica and am looking for good pictures on mirage.
    could you share your picture for my book.

  2. Hi Urmi
    No problem to use the image. I am producing a festival around Antarctica in August this year. We are yet to launch the programme but here is somewhere where you can follow progress:

    Let me know how to send photo.
    Best Regards