Monday, February 7, 2011

3 Sleeps till Antarctica (all going well)...

So.  I have been invited to visit Scott Base, Antarctica for 2 nights, this Thursday!   The weather will of course deem if the trip actually happens.   RNZAF 757 is scheduled to leave 0900 hours on Thursday all going well.  Here is a bit of build up for you.
 In preparation, my Mother in Law, Margaret Blair, has been sending me gifts.  She is very knowledgeable about fabric, and noted my curiosity with the Antarctic Tartan.  She  found the source at  the British Antarctic Heritage Trust, and had some shipped over to made me a beautiful scarf (above) for Christmas.
 The tartan is woven with colours inspired by the two penguins on the front of this tag. Below explains where some of those other colours from.  The South Pole, Antarctic Circle, mountain ranges, coastal rocks, ocean deeps, dark winters, The Southern Cross and heaps more detail of the continent are all incorporated in this intelligent fabric! It makes the trip even more exciting to know there will be these subtle colours emerging across the 'white' at times. Apparently we may be late enough in the season to be able to see a bit of twilight when we are there.  Will definitely be keeping you posted.

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