Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Hail' Hillary

Another amazing experience came to me today via 'what I do for a crust'.  I was invited to a special meeting at the US Antarctic Program today to hear Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Secretary of State speak.  It has been a very 'Antarctic' like day (poor Hils arriving in such conditions), however we pulled out all the stops for a polar welcome....
We were herded into a small room a good 2 hours before her arrival (security, security, security), and joined 30 people to hear her speak about Antarctica and the US relationship with NZ around the great continent. Once again, the Antarctic community came out in the most meaningful ties for the occassion.
Exhibit A is the Antarctic Tartan (of which I am still to get the full story of how it came about). I really like the warm 'summery' tones considering the subject matter!


Exibit B is a bit of fun from a previous tie wearer featured on this blog.
Note both wearers have paired their ties with light pink shirts.  Perfect on both occassions.


Exhibit C is the Polar Medal 'pin'.  It is pinned to my cousin, Tim Naish who came down for the occassion from Wellington.  He received the polar medal from the Queen this year  for the work he does in Antarctic science (this is what the badge represents - so you don't  have to wear the medal).

Tim and I did some testing shots while we waited for Hills.  Unfortunately we were forbidden to 'snap' the rock-star herself, and with an entourage of security with very well trained eyes that stared at you throughout the presentation, I was not taking any chances....

Hillary was great - casual, a delight, and insanely powerful in stature and attitude.  A true star.  So US and NZ relations appear in good shape and Hillary looked to be in good shape too (although the navy blue pant suit was not as tailored as I would have hoped).  Ah well.  Got to fly in comfortable clothes I guess.

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