Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Great White Continent

On Scott Base band width, I am avoiding disappointment by NOT uploading you a photo to sum up my last 24 hrs. And its pretty white anyway (hence the white header above).  This will be short, as the schedule is tight (and we depart tomorrow after lunch).  So far...Antarctica is not the epic, overwhelming, inhumane, or 'life changing in one smack' place that I had imagined.  It has not 'flipped my lid' or 'unhinged me'. It is so far, to me, pleasantly 'right', peaceful and full of a home vibe. There is a certain turanga wae wae (sp)? here - perhaps easily found through the absolute New Zealandedness of my experience to date. And its all the good things about 'New Zealandedness'- and the world I guess that I have encountered.  The people, the airforce carrying us down, the food at Scott Base, the comfort of Scott Base, the bizarre friendliness of Emporer Penguins, the contrasts of colour, light and texture, the horror of Discovery Hut, the bite of the cold wind, or enlightnement of the midnight sun - seems 'right', and slightly known, and not at all overwhelming.  It reminds me of going to New York - having heard soo much about the epic city, and feeling a little apprehensive on how this great place woudl affect me, but being instantly at ease there. Same here. Its nice. Photos to come.  'Having the time of my life' (to quote Patrick Swaze).  Weather looks good for us to get out tomorrow too.  xxx

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