Thursday, February 17, 2011

Antarctica - Part 2 (Scott Base)

After 2 nights, 3 days at Scott Base, I nic-named it 'the Shire'. It was a little slice of NZ - smothered in all those values we make TV ads with.  The live-in crew were sooo hospitable, kind, super cool and grounded.  The buildings - super tidy, homely, with evidence everywhere of an immense respect from the years since 1957 (its inception). Here is a look:
Arriving at the back door (we were considered family).  
Attending the flag change over from the summer crew to the 14 winter overers.  This has been a tradition since Hilary's first winter in 1957. 
A very nice reading lounge with great windows looking out over the sea ice (and seals)!

A room half dedicated to dress up clothes for Scot Base parties. Lonely Planet says the dress up phenomenon is part of the culture at all Antarctic bases.  After wearing the outdoor gear daily - I can imagine the need to get 'out of it with style'. 
Impressive board game selection. Cos you know - not much to do when its dark for months, or a storm is a brewing!
Racks of tents above and below that are organised for visiting scientists going out in the field. 
The renowned buffet. Scott Base food rulz OK! (better than OK).  
Huge high quality NZ images line the walls to remind everyone of home - and another place, where there are trees, grass, coloured landscapes. 
I liked the way everything needed at Scott Base is set out really well, often complimented with a meaningful touch. Obviously this is the cuttlery stand - with Scott's winter birthday feast pictured above. 

The Trans Antarctic Expedition Hut - where Hilary and others set up Scott Base. Its now like a small museum where walkers and passers-by can drop in and check it out. 
It has some cool artifacts of the 50s, 60s. 
Some great elements of that era shown in the carpet! Imagine living here for 6 months of winter!
Some great equipment on show for cooking in the past..
And some strict and sensible rules for dining. 
Back at Scott Base - its a builder's, engineer's or mechanic's dream...
And this was the only sign of deep soul searching around.  I thought we would encounter more of this - but only a hint on the carpenter's door!

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