Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Night Out at the 'Rugger'

We had a unique night out last night - invited to AMI stadium to watch the Bledisloe match. It started off with some quality entertainment in the Square - as well as Phil Koegan and Jason Gunn, we had some travelling Japanese chanters who like to develop chants for national teams...

This guy looked to be enjoying it...
...promoting an interesting philosophy, reminiscent of another era perhaps....?
We jumped on our bikes to cruise down 'rugby road', which is quickly being revamped for the Rugby World Cup. It was all closed to traffic, making biking a breeze, and conversation with the rugby fans easy.


It was the first sell out crowd at the recently expanded AMI Stadium (39,000) - and ChCh put on a smooth running night.  We are ready!

And we finished a very mellow night of sport at the Bike Thief where the Naish parentals and the Naish/Brown combo met up with us. Al and I enjoyed a decadent hot chocolate (with full whittiker bar melted within and a good slug of brandy).  Nice combo.
Check out the 3 kronans racked up outside at the 'thief'.

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