Friday, August 27, 2010

Book Club Finale

I started a book-club 2 years ago now, which is courageous for me as 'clubs' or regular commitments are not really my thing...and I only really started to read for pleasure at 30 (4 years ago)!  It has been great - 6 women have got to know each other - and built confidence around talking about books - or even confidence in just meeting each other and having people round!  We decided to end it on a 'high'.  The final book was The Portable Dorothy Parker - her poems and stories.  Check out the best chocolate macaroons in town next to the finale book!

And there was some great wall paper going down at our Book Club hostess' home..
This was almost like a hologram!

These stripes were custom made...

Wot a setting for book discussion...


  1. Ah, I think you'll find there were 7 of us, not 6. But don't worry, I'm not offended that you totally forgot I was there...

  2. Did you not have your glasses on when you took the photo of the stripey wallpaper, or did I not have mine on when I saw the photo?