Friday, August 20, 2010

Antarctica - in many ways...

Quality control required on the photograph front I know! But, at least I am still keeping up the records up while back to a heavy work week in Christchurch.  This is the launch of the 'Heart of the Great Alone' - an exhibition from the Royal Collection (yes - Betty's collection), and the only time outside the Queen's palaces that the photos will be exhibited.  The Governor General (bless him - what a lovely speaking voice he has), read out a message from the Queen to open the exhibition - and apart from his dolcet tones you could have heard a pin drop during her message. Amazing power that woman has! And gorgeous to get all 'royal' on it. And to hear new stories for me on Scott and Shackelton's journeys.  Their words (like the Queen's), were so well chosen.

One of the many brilliant people who work with Antarctica in Christchurch wore this great tie to the event. It was a souvenier of one his first 'winter-overs' in Antarctica. 1987. I liked the 'club-vibe' of it.

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