Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a Week

So, Alistair was priviledged (well so he thought at the time) to have a coveted pass to the Red Zone, to help our good pals at C1 take some of their irreplacable things from their cafe 4 months on.  This was 2 Thursdays ago - and all I could think of after the double banger of quakes we received this Monday just gone.  The recent bangs have really messed up our minds this week.  Exhausting to have no certainty on when we are over these jolts. And heartbreaking to see the liquifaction monster revisit half our city again.  Here are some of the C1 mission photos..

 We used to live up in the building on the right.  This is the back alley of C1 (Poplar Lane). 
Inspecting the damage. ...

 Not a sole around but those with a Red Zone Pass (not so popular any more)!

The 5 hour mission accomplished outside the front of C1.  Alive and well, on a jolt free Thursday.

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