Wednesday, June 29, 2011

San Francisco - we are officially on holiday

It is day 4, and we are slowly winding down.  Poor San Francisco has been smothered in fog, and yesterday we had the biggest daily down-pour since 1952!  Needless to say, we used yesterday as a travel our brand new Ford Focus hire car (14 miles on the clock)  and are on route for Oregon!  We've had a couple of days of "lets get out and see San Fran, but we are really quite jaded and jet lagged" so visited what we could (don't you love it how you fight that jet lag)? Here are some pics of the very chilly city (we are so underdressed for the 12 degree days and have had wet feet)!
This time round, we stayed in Japan Town (recommend Hotel Tomo) and it was bliss. Quiet, no tourists, lots of fresh and cheap Japanese food, and close to everywhere.
     I had a Monday morning appointment with 'Jonathan' who I met last year at Barneys.  I restocked on make up (he made me look incredible - not too much piled on - but enough to take away the jet lag).  He also convinced both Al and me to buy a parfum between us - one to share!  The perfumerie part of Barneys is amazing, so beautiful.  I'll update you on what we are wearing, but lets just say we left with so many samples of unique, one off perfumes that we are doing a lucky dip daily, to choose what to wear.  Above and below is the equisite perfurme display, in the basement of Barneys.
     So 'all set' as they say here, we headed out to the famous San Francisco pizzeria -  Delfinia, this time in Pacific Heights (rather than the original restaurant in the Mission).  Japan Town is close to Pacific Heights, and Filmore Street, where we spent most of our time this time.  The area is made up of some great heritage housing, is the place where the Jazz scene exploded in the 30s, and was nice and gentle, and free of tourists. 
    At Delfina we had the broccoli rabe, a pizza each and a cherry sunday (to die for).  Its so popular you have to put your name up on arrival and wait to be called. Everyone stands on the street taking apperatifs while they wait ( a good 40 mins).  I had written Jo + Al up on the board, and when the Maitre D consolidated the list, she rewrote us 'Jotal' - and when time to call us, her pronounciation and confidence of calling 'Jotal' was divine.  'Jotal' it is - smelling of fresh fragrances daily - on the road - in the rain.  Standby for the next up date!

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