Saturday, June 18, 2011

6 ft sink hole

 We live in the dry and low liquifaction part of St Albans (that is our tiny cottage, 12 o'clock at the end of the street). All the streets around us had been levelled by the super Council of the crazy mounds and holes that emerged since the February earthquake .  But on Monday, this hole (below) appeared.  Its hard to capture.  After 2 large earthqaukes and liquifaction, there musn't be much 'sludge' left. No one quite can explain where all that liquifaction comes from either - if you dug for pre-eartquakes, you'd never find it.  
And, If you stood in this hole (below) your head wouldn't even pop out to the road (its so deep). Haven't been out East to see the carnage they must be dealing with. It may seem indulgent to talk earthquakes, but I report this kind of thing to 'record' the times, and hopefully they are unique times, and that once over this seismic period,  we won't see this sort of thing again for a while.

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