Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good City Living...

The food in California is incredible (of course). This shot is from a small suburban 'market' around the corner from Japan Town...and the choice, presentation and colour of fresh edibles was amazing....

 Check the glass milk bottles.
 Here's a shot of rainy San Francisco (Filmore Street).  It was kind of nice. Especially when the Japanese hardware store owner said to us when we ran in dripping to buy umbrellas: " You guys really got caught out"!  I love the language of this country.  It fits me well.
 And on our way out of San Francisco, we crossed that beautiful red Golden Gate Bridge (Marvel x 10000000000) and dipped down to Sausalito (as if we were locals), and stopped off at Heath Ceramics.  This is where they make their famous ceramics - and the place was as you would imagine - full of the goodness  that is California.  As well as a couple of cups (things were unfortunately not at the 'factory' prices we thought they would be),  we bought a glass straw!  Now that is goodness. 

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  1. Jotal! Thought that sharing perfume was a perk of having a gf, but seems Jotal has crashed the party. Love experiencing SF with you guys, and your adamant stance about not being around tourists. Don;t worry about Heath - ceramics on sale in Church Lane going for bargain prices (tho a little cracked post EQ) if you're interested...
    Enjoy the holiday and adventure Jotal xox