Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Perfect Match: Black Estate and The Bicycle Thief

What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon: 65 of us settled in at 4pm to learn more about Black Estate and match the wines with beautifully curated tasting plates from the Bicycle Thief.  (second day open for them following the Quake and all)! 

The Black Estate Pinot Noir 07 was matched with venison capaccio - and Al and Nick poured a 2010 Pinot Barrel Sample too which drank well and we are now looking forward to bottling it (at least a year away)!

We also tried the 2009 Chardonnay, plus a barrel sample of the 2010 Chardonnay. The Black Estate 09 Chardonnay was paired with a plate of salmon, horseradish, anhovy fillet with sorrel - which was tarte, bitter, and sweet plus savoury all at the same time. Such a good match, that I forgot to photograph it for you.
Glasses hadn't been replaced since the earthquake, so we just used one glass for all tastes. Nice conservation.
The Black Estate 2009 Riesling was paired with a salad of squid, fennel, cauliflower, buttercrunch salad and veges. All very good.
And Al and Nicholas were a dynamic duo (Black Estate), presenting the wines (with Lisa from the Bicycle Thief interjecting with food notes)! Nick talked the facts, Al acted as 'glossary' to make sure Wine Maker Brown kept it in everyone's language.  A stellar presentation.
Sylia (Nick's daughter) loved the 'show' (as she called it).
Feast of Canterbury is well and truly back up and running after the week's events.

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