Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 6 - 'Post Quake....'

Its amazing to think that the Christchurch earthquake took place 6 days ago. Life is getting back to normal slowly. We drink from the tap and flush the loo. We have had a few good nights sleep which makes such a difference to handling the after shocks. They have subsided in intensity too - but what we have learnt after yesterday's big jolt which hurt a whole new range of buildings, is that one can never assume the shocks are over yet!

I lent my camera to our dear friends who own a home in Avonside - so they could finish their photographing for the Earthquake Commission claims.  Their home has been very affected - and they are not sure whether they will be able to ever return to their house.
The house was completely torn.  Inside - there are mounds where the 'wave' went through and literally lifted the floorboards.  It feels wrong posting about someone else's torn house, so I have just given you some pics of their back yard and shed.

Check out the 40cm shift of concrete in their shed. Their shed just moved to the right!

This is the sand/silt stuff that came up from down beneath and makes it all look that much more 'dark'.

This is our immediate neighbour's house (to the right).  They lost their whole brick wall - it fell into the neighbour on the other side of them.  No one lives in between us now - and it was pretty eerie until some super nice guys came round and strengthened it up (Day 6).  At least now it won't fall on other houses if there is another aftershock.  We had some firemen down from the North Island come and wrap our chimney with gladwrap too. Everyone so nice, gentle and respectful.

So - as my workplace is no longer, (today we were going to have a party on the roof garden of our office that I blogged about a few weeks ago), I have been working on the phone mostly and at home, and have had an unforgettable 6 days, being with family, our neighbour and friends,
..walking Digby at the dog park is good as the aftershocks are way easier to handle in open space.  (I thought this silver lining was appropriate yesterday).

...watching the blossom come out in our garden...

...taking solace at another Feast of Canterbury event at Mecarto (Saffron and chive gnocci with spring vegetables made by Andrew Brown at The George) matched with Black Estate Chardonnay.  So colourful, light and tender to match the mood of the room.

...and visiting the Civil Defence HQ at the Christchurch Art Gallery to look at developing events to help keep morale up.  This place was like a well oiled machine - with so many (tired) heroes, all tuned into a recovery effort - one that they obviously have never had to experience and are never likely to repeat (we hope).  Humans are so brilliant and adaptive.

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