Friday, September 24, 2010

C1 espresso's new release t-shirt

C1 gifted this new release t-shirt to Paul Ellis - a small token to thank the man who is creating the free 'Band Together Canterbury' Concert in Hagley Park with Jason Kerrison (OpShop).

The week gone was 'Metallica Week' in Christchurch with Metallica making a special return visit to NZ to play 2 sell out concerts after a massive facebook campaign. One service station worker reported that  "hell had vomited up a whole lot of bogins",  ('quote un quote' - reported in The Press)!  

The question is: Does C1's new release t-shirt reflect
a) Christchurch as the home of metal, or does the 'shock' symbol in fact represent,
b) something else going on in Christchurch - (still going and going and going and going and going and going). 1011 aftershocks as of Friday afternoon in total.  

Either way - I like the t-shirt and I liked turning Paul into a 'bogin' or a 'quake-r',  for a moment. 

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