Friday, December 30, 2011

Review: Christmas 2011

Twas a great Christmas. Here are some images 'in review' from what still blows my mind as an extraordinary time of year. You gear up to try and finish everything in time for the 25th of December, you're exhausted from 12 months on the go (and we in Canterbury were especially weary this year, not to mention stunned by 2 rogue earthquakes on the 23rd!).  You are then forced to stop completely, be happy, talk to people and eat a lot in heat.  It is what it is!  But this year seemed pretty special to be together with my immediate family.
Above epitomises the weird year we've had and was my first glint of Christmas spirit: The animal Christmas blessing (one of those ChCh institutions that make this place what it is) took place in a geo dome in Hagley Park on the 22nd rather than the ChristchurchCathedral. Check out the donkey with tinsel, the goats...all the characters of the Christmas story were there, and everyone was  invited to bring their own pets along to sing animal songs. Youser.
Some Christmas feasting at my family's place in Akaroa.  Glazed Ham. My bro went disco on the cherry decoration.
My sister in law went super green on the salad (check out those broad beans)
We lunched in front of what has to be one of the best 'front yard' cricket pitches around
Adventures to the beach, walking through people sized grasses...(negotiating blackberries, nettles and styles)...
'Granny' shouting kiddie cones for everyone in the quintessential 'dairy'
And more cricket...

What a super great 'cliched' NZ Christmas Day to close off a far from 'cliched' year.  (Imagine the acute there).  Bring on the click over to 2012.

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