Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mystery Visitor to NYE Party

New Years Eve. Definitely not a significant day of the year for me - and the custom of celebrating it wears thin on a good year!  However I was grateful to be invited to a small, homely and gentle NYE party, where the food was ample, full of colour and spice, the hosts generous, the music interesting (Pitchfork Top 100 of 2011) and one of the guests brought a hand-made pinata to get the party started...
 No one could guess who the face belonged to....until they gave us a clue! 'The Wire' (of which we have just finished Series 5 and it truly is one of the most beautiful thing ever created but that is another story).
So the mystery character? Twas 'Herc'.  Emma chose to create him into a pinata so we could "smash his head in".  Lets just say he is kind of annoying, bit thick, but likable enough as all characters on that show are!
This is the work of art following one clear blow (where the paper mache was so robust that Herc's head fell to the ground rather than being split and overflowing with sweets!  We instead tore his head apart to be rewarded at 12.01am with Mackintoshes (she knows what she is going) and I shit you not - home-hole punched confetti.  Astonishing.  Who will be next! Nice memory to start 2012. 

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