Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Banded Together...

Jeepers - we held a nice concert in Hagley Park on Saturday.  Nice, as in I wasn't scared of the crowd.  It pretty much consumed me for 6 weeks, but was worth the while...with a good crowd of 140,000 turning up to some classic old school (and a few new school) NZ bands playing for 8 hours.  ChCh was treated, and loved it, and it really felt like we Banded Together and forgot the shakes (which were going on when everyone was shaking themselves, but nothing over a 3.5). 
 Check out the grannies below waiting for the Bats' set.
 Stewie from Family Guy was there. It was that kind of gig.
 My friend got confused for Dane Rumble. Dane (if you didn't know) is a NZ teenage heart throb. I didn't know that till Band Together.  He's on the right.
And along with the new, and 'pop', we had the old, and 'Pop' - 'pop until you almost drop - but you've still got it in you to keep people smiling'.  Ray Colombus (He's a Mod circa 1960 and Jordon Luck, Exponents, still playing at a summer pub near you) were dynamite and generous, and full of 'pow'.   The NZ music industry came together and it was great day for Canterbury.  Big Ups!

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