Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sockburn oh Sockburn - The 'Food' Post

We have one more week left of working in our temp offices at Sockburn Service Centre.  Here is a post of the food offering across the road (think double lane Main South Road - with a service lane for workers to pull up and grab something to eat). Its not somewhere to saunter in the sun.
 This is my most popular choice so far - have had it twice now. The 'meat' and pickle sandwhich from the Sockburn bakery. At $3.20 its the best value 'tie you over for lunch' deal of the lot.
 Next door to the bakery is a pretty good Persian takeaway. With these Piroski (like a samosa - vege or mince) sitting pretty in the pie warmer.  $3.00.
 Home made Persian Coconute Slice (as the sign says)...
 And Persian Baklava that looks pretty similar to other Baklava. But looks lovingly made by the wife of the man who runs the grill for the souvlakis!
He explained to me that his sauces are all home made and he tries to use organic produce.  Putting the 'soul into Sockburn'.
Others in the team have freqented the 'chippie' and brought them back to the tea room at the Service Centre (pool table and all)! Word is the chips are good, but stay clear of the the deep fried proteins.
 Whilst back at the bakery, I have been most smittened by the baking selection - the colour and the value have blown me away!
 More than once have CCC Events staff been seen with the non-cream version of this - for a mere $2.00 a lamington (steal)! And only 20c for cream (and jam)!
 I've included the lolly cake cos its so weird, but strangely iconic in NZ.  I never really got into it as a kid.  I guess its never too late to start.
The custard pies were understandably a yellow colour - but I was a little concerned with the yellow cream cheese icing on the carrot cake.  Gave that one a miss. So all in all - a unique range of goods are on offer if you are ever cruising past Sockburn Service Centre with a hunger on. Half the price of food in town,  a walk back in time, and good to have a completely different choice set for a month. Roger that Sockburn.

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