Wednesday, October 19, 2011


White Tie Catering (Christchurch's esteemed out-caterers - and all round good sorts whatever the day, whatever the occasion) have launched the Catering Dept.  Its about low fuss, good food, lower cost, and good times.  Its genius. Simple, and filling a HUGE need.

 They've done away with the glassware - bottle openers at the back of the name badge for everyone serving...
  I managed to try the ENTIRE menu...
 These sleeping beauties - a favourite - with real buttered white bread, and crispy Peter Timms AWARD WINNING (LIKE BEST OF THE BEST) Bac-ON. (OK...cellular memory just came back and I now have saliva in my mouth).
 Corned beef and pickle sandwiches - with Sara Lee style corned beef  - thin layer upon layer, and the PERFECT PROPORTION Of PICKLE.  (Note alliteration).
 Green salad, with colourful egg and condensed milk dressing...
 Scicillian Peter Timms snarlers (they came with buns, mustard, onion and tom sauce) but I just loved seeing the snarler pit as shown.
And dish of the night (tied 1st place =) for me - was the Mac n Cheese - with the crispiest topping.  
These people know what they are doing.

Tied 1st place = on the sweet front was the Hokey Pokey meringue with chocolate - somehow each meringue was stuffed with what seemed warm gooey hokey pokey and chocolate. Had they been warmed up?  Has gone on coveted recipe list.  (unfortunately no photo).

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