Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dining Christchurch Style...

With a serious lack of dining options in ChCh, the innovative Jonny Schwass has spent the last 6 months offering to cook 'at your place' whilst he tries to sort out a replacement restaurant following the demolition of his. (Complete with kitchen, tables, chairs). Some demolition company will take pleasure in selling that all back to him or someone else one day.  So wrong.
 Anyway - we put Jonny through his paces on Friday night- with dinner for a gaggle of 19 in Ilam.  He made it an easy journey for us - with 5 amazing courses of light, well thought out, beautifully presented and simple food plates.  It was so good not to have to leave the Flat Land to partake in an impeccable dining experience.
 This is the duo of lamb dish - with baby carrots from Jonny's own garden.  Not only was the Carrot mega cutesie, but it was also sweet and delicious.
This one was the runt of the bunch.

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