Sunday, May 29, 2011


Desperate for a change of scene, we travelled through the tunnel to Banks Peninsula today.  We viewed Lyttelton's plight (and amazing community hanging out on London Street even if there are only a few shops left), and then made our way round to Orton Bradley Park.  Its an old historic farm park - settled by Mr O.B. who was by all accounts a bit of plant and tree nut - and created some crazy water and power inventions 'beyond his time'.  Then up back up over the hill to get home.  Nice.
 View from Orton Bradley Park
 New to me: this is apparently called a basket fungus (my nature loving companion informed me).
 Persimmons growing outside the hold historic houses on the park.
 Beautiful beautiful historic glass house with all sorts of goodies in and around.
 More green...
 'Roy' is inscribed here at an old horse hitching post.
 And a dog grave yard dating back at least a century to now...woof woof (kind of sad but their names were so cute).
 Up to Sign of the Kiwi for a late afternoon sit in the sun...
looking over hazy, dusty, sleep old ChCh town.

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