Friday, May 27, 2011

Quake Silver Lining - #1

My favourite new find out in the suburbs (where we now roll in ChCh), is the incredible, and perfect Japanese Patisserie:  Patisserie YAHGI.   The patisseriere herself (Eri) is as perfect as her cakes.  Above we have the famous Green Tea Gateau - incorporating an almost bitter green tea powder in the fluffiest of gateau sponge.  Behind is the strawberry gateau version; on the right - a Chestnut Chantilly Cream cake, shaped like soba noodles (she thought that would be fun) and in the foreground is the classic chocolate mousse with green tea garnish.  They come packaged immaculately.  Taking fusion to a whole new level, I'll be going to 'Church Corner, Riccarton' for Jap-Franco fusion any day.

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