Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A golden break for 10 days

This is an out of date post - but before I write about the last 8 days on the trot, I thought I'd tell you about the well timed holiday that Alistair and I took 3 days after the earthquake, around the Adelaide Fringe Festival.  The South Australia region in total is magnificent. Adelaide - t'was little too close to home in layout and manner to ChCh just 3 days after our huge jolt - but it hosted a fine festival (the Fringe is a whopping 50 years old!),  that made us laugh and shed some crazy quake tension (you don't realise you have it until you get out for a while).  We felt very priviledged to be able to unwind. Here's a summary of our times.

Day One, we made a b-line to RHD - a jean store Al has been following via blogs. They are the only place in this part of the world that hem jeans with the old school sewer for denim. He has jeans sent from as far as Malaysia for hemming (!) and sells some great threads himself.

The owner also makes these great lamp shades.

The first morning our new friend/denim retailer wrote us a list of where to go in Adelaide - and mentioned that that afternoon some wine makers were bringing a goat down to feast on with some Adelaide Hills Pinot. 
We didn't realise it was a 'hot pants tour'!
The afternoon was set outside a great wine store, with decks in place with spinning wine glasses...
spit roasted goats...
transformed into amazing yellow chilli, yoghurt and coriander tortilla things.
What a great start - we felt like refugees, in therapy, and our Adelaide cousins were truly looking after us!

Some other sights seen over the 9 days were...
Great Aussie pubs...
The Wheatsheaf had THE most amazing selection of beer and whiskey in a pub that was in the middle of an industrial suburb.

And the Adeaide Fringe Festival and its crazy garden was home to some of the funniest, most magical and friendliest times.

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