Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back Home

I've been away from Christchurch since 25 February.  I got back early this morning, and whilst the city has obviously overcome some massive hurdles in just under 2 weeks, the city is overwhelmingly changed. I don't know why I thought it would all be 'better' on my return. Some streets actually look more mountainous since we left. I headed into the cordon area, and into Civil Defence with my boss today.  Where there were pockets of destruction from the Sept 4 quake that made you gawk, there are too many streets this time round to even count that display 'blow outs', twisted, wrangled or completely combusted buildings. Below is a discrete photo taken at the Civil Defence HQ this afternoon.  While in September 'it' took over the Christchurch Art Gallery's meeting rooms and foyer, 'it' now infliltrates the whole building - with people squished into gallery spaces as well as offices etc. It is its own organism - and a whole new organisation that doesn't unfortunately look that temporary in the short term.

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