Saturday, June 2, 2012

Changing Taylor's Mistake

Last weekend we headed to 'Taylors' - at the end of the road just out of Sumner, 30 minutes from Christchurch, and at the start of Banks Peninsula.  Traffic out that way has been severely depleted since the earthquakes...this was our first walk out here since 22 February (don't know why, just hadn't thought of going). It is one of my favourite places in the world, and even more special now that it has changed - physically and through a different make up of visitors.

The most fascinating thing was that the track that weaves itself over some magnificent cliffs was 'closed' and deemed unsafe to walk.  This surprised us, however once we had lifted Digby over the gate, and stepped over ourselves, we found ourselves as part of some sort of 'club': those who don't read signs, are happy to take some risk with their lives, and like to break a few rules.  Along the trail we met heaps of mellow yellow runners, walkers and bikers. It's like the trail had developed a new set of rules and a new community. 

Evidence of why the track is closed!

On the way back we saw more reasons why the authorities had closed the track.
But who wants to miss out on this!

Local residents told us that the beach has turned 'golden' since the earthquakes. See the line, up by the surf club where the sand looks almost black? That was the colour of the Taylor's Mistake beach pre 22 February, but the regular 'plunging of cliff' over the past 18 months has distributed a clay like sand (see those boulder shots above) to change the make-up of the beach.   

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