Saturday, March 17, 2012

Malaysia - Part Two. Island Time, Langkawi...

So - this is where we stayed on Langkawi.  This place was bigger than our house! It is a 100 year old colonial home .  We got upgraded! Yipppppeee!  A bathroom each, a beautiful bedroom with mosquito net, I was Catherine de Neuve in Indochine (but I was at Temple Tree).
Every morning we would receive a beautiful breakfast with a surprise fruit and home baked cake - never two the same over 7 nights.
Malaysia has the softest green plalate going on...
This is Jay Jay - Temple Tree's Dog and, shared with neighbouring Bon Ton resort, Temple Tree's owner also has LASSie - a dog and cat shelter and clinic on the island - so you need to be down with the felines and canines to stay here! We took a couple of muts for a walk one day. They were totally cool dogs.  

Pool House
View down to the second pool - which sits alongside kitchen and bar
This is how I spent much of my time on the island behind Alistair on a motorbike!!!
...spotting things like this - real cashews (see it formed under the pear like fruit)?
Staple drink - lemon ice tea with ice and sugar syrup.
Classic eaterie, once you got out of the main tourist area.. All you can eat buffet costs $4 each.
Every meat bar pork that you could imagine - BBQd and spiced up with curry or sambal... I was surprised at how much tamarind and tumeric they use here.  
And as well as the freshest food ever and the most varied, the MAGIE noodle packs are never far, or the nestle ice coffee for that matter (which I have to say I did enjoy with the condensed milk 10 years on since I first tried it).  Its just so good!
Few chicken wings are going to get it!  Satay is also popular, but we didn't see it heaps in non tourist parts.
Back at Temple Tree - tea leaf choices at any time.
And down the road - roti - need I say more? I was a repeat customer here.
Good times on Langkawi.
(That's a lilly pond at Bon Ton's Stilt Bar).

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