Friday, September 30, 2011

Tea Nook Al Fresco

This is the current tea nook (that's what the Council peeps call a tea room) at CCC's new digs: the REXEL Warehouse.  You know...sitting outside a converted warehouse that holds 800 of us, whilst we wait for our Hereford Street building to be repaired to take us back in.  I like the positioning of the new 'nook' - right on the edge of the red zone (that space in the photo will soon become the new (take 2) temporary bus terminal.  I like it that the construction (well, demolition) ensures we get shaking all day, and I like it that we all think it is completely normal - and the best digs we've had since Feburary!  I am continually amused with the adapative powers of humans and our enthusiasm on progress.  Each inch helps!

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